This use-case will enhance the connectivity and data transfer inside a hospital (or a rehabilitation center, gerontology center etc.). The steps taken will be: 1) real-time data collection from different sensors like those designed in particular for rehabilitation which can be in the form of wearable sensors and motion capture systems to create a virtual reality game environment for the patients, storage to cloud and integration to hospitals SW tools and micro-operated 5G network; 2) transfer and display to care personnel patient data collected by various sensors and imaging devices; and 3) develop 5G capabilities to support the needed functionalities.

Sub-use cases and pilots will include wireless operating room and remote surgery, robot assisted patient monitoring, collecting patient data at the ward or ICU, Advanced Nursing Cart and Advanced Hospital stretcher, both enabled to collect data form different hospital elements, AR/VR at hospital.

Need for 5G: high security, reliability, coverage, micro-operator possibility, transferring large amounts of image data, transferring high-quality video, low (or no)-latency, collection of large amount of patient data, edge computing for faster data-analysis for smarter medication. Software solutions will be based on both 5G technology and WebRTC technology to enable the development of application for various platforms including web- and mobile applications.