The consortium has been composed to bring together the experience related to 5G network technologies, eHealth service providers, medical device manufacturers, security experts and medical experts as end users, and capabilities required to achieve the project objectives and especially to push the new technologies and innovations issued from the project efficiently towards the market. The consortium is composed by 26 partners from 7 different countries. The well-balanced combination of large industrial partners, SMEs and academic partners will guarantee to transfer technical background and theoretical expertise together with the strong business impact flexible and fast to innovative products and services related to 5G enabled eHealth services.

CountryeHealth ApplicationsMedical Information & Data Management & Security-Privacy5G & Network & CloudPilots
DEUInova DE (S)TU Berlin (R), Inova DE (S) Fraunhofer IIS (R), TU Berlin (R), highstreet technologies (S) Fraunhofer IIS (R), TU Berlin (R)
ESPExperis (L), UAB (R) Nunsys (S)UAB (R), Experis (L)UAB (R), Experis (L)
IRLRedZinc (S), Cork Institute of Technology (R) Cork Institute of Technology (R) RedZinc (S), Cork Institute of Technology (R) RedZinc (S), Cork Institute of Technology (R)
KORLifesemantics (S), Insung Information (S)HUFS (R) Kookmin University (R), Lifesemantics (S)
SWEAlten/Ondosis, Alkit, Camanio MDH, CCR-V, Tele2IoT MDH, Accellrate, Tele2IoT CCR-V, Camanio, Tele2IoT
TURInosens (S), Vestel(L), Sempertech (S)Enforma (S), Netaş (L), Sempertech (S)Turkcell (L), Ericsson (L)Ist-Getam (R)

S: SME; L: Large; R: Research